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Does this work with any computer?

Yes, works with any Macintosh, Windows or Linux machine, it even works with mobile phones and other embedded browsers.

What is an IP address?

IP Addresses are what identify your computer on the Internet. Think of it as a phone number, every time your computer connects to the Internet it obtains an address to be able to make a connection to the websites, email and other services you use on the Internet.

IP Addresses are important to technical support representatives, webmasters and other tech people because they are generally logged on their services, which means if your having a problem, they can then search for your IP Address in the logs and find out what is going on with their service and correct the problem.

Why were you sent here?

Often times it's hard for a support specialist to determine your IP address over the phone, depending on how your computer is connected to the internet, your actual PC may think it's using a different address then what is actually showing up in their logs. By using an outside service like, the technician can quickly get your address without having you go thru complicated steps to determine this on your own.

Who are you and how do you do this? is run by 3io, Inc. as a public service for the Internet Community. 3io, Inc. is an internet service company that runs and a number of other free services on the internet. For more information feel free to visit our website. uses a simple server call to determine what IP Address you arrived at our site from. This may be a proxy (a computer that calls webpages for your network) or an address assigned to your cable, DSL, office T1 line or dialup service.